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Business gas and electricity for large businesses

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  • for transparency on price
  • for transparency of contract renewals
  • for investing in long-term customer relations


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Choosing the right gas and electricity provider for your large business has never been more challenging. With increasing pressure from the boardroom, emerging technologies, changing regulations, and a myriad of products in the marketplace, the energy buyer needs to know they have a partnership with a supplier that they can trust.

Our customers choose us because we believe in transparency and in providing affordable, reliable and clean energy.

Large Business?

Is your annual gas or electricity consumption greater than 10 GWh? If so, you are in the right part of our site.

If your annual consumption is less than 10 GWh, please go to our Business section.



of our customers stayed with us in 2021*

*Direct Industrial & Commercial Customers within our Large Business. 

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