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Our standards and ethics

Treating customers fairly

National Power & Gas UK believes in the mutual benefits of excellent customer service. We will behave and carry out actions in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional manner. 

That’s why we adhere to the following principles.

When providing information to customers (whether orally or in writing) it must be:

  1. Complete, accurate and not misleading.
  2. Communicated in plain and intelligible language.
  3. Relate to products and services that are actually appropriate to the type of customer to whom it is directed.
  4. Fair in terms of content and how it is presented.

We must make it easy for customers to contact us.

We must act promptly to put things right when we make a mistake.

We must ensure that customer service arrangements and processes are fit for purpose and transparent.

All employees take part in an extensive workshop based around our internal behavioural programme which focuses purely on you, our customer, and keeping you at the heart of everything we do. All telephone calls are recorded and we carry out monthly quality assessments to make sure our employees are being fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional when speaking to you.